55-year-old NicoIe Kidman shares the three key strategies she uses to keep up her trim shape.

Actress Nicole will be 56 this summer. Anyhow, judging by the performer, having confidence in it is not really conceivable. The artist claims that her thin form is mostly a result of her daily workout. She multitasks a lot, which helps her maintain the same physical condition she did decades before.

The actress always goes for a run in the morning. Running is something NicoIe views first and foremost as a method to have pleasure. She has stated several times that her family instilled a love of athletics in her from a young age.

While other kids spent their weekends at the movies and coffee shops, she and her family enjoyed the thrill of long-distance races. The movie’s lead actor claims that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires continual exercise rather than rigorous dieting. Even on vacation, she chooses engaging entertainment.

As a result, she is able to burn more calories during the day, which helps her feel happier and younger. Monogamy swiftly dissuades people from participating in sports. She admits that she could also live without going to the gym on a regular basis.

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