When releasing a precious first picture of his baby child, 79-year-old De Niro announces her name.

The actor is really resilient. He casually revealed that he had just given birth to his seventh kid over the weekend. It’s noteworthy to note that at this time, the mother of the kid was unknown. In general, the Hollywood icon sparked curiosity about his character.

Additionally, he revealed everything afterwards, live on the TV program. 2018 saw the end of his 20-year marriage to his second wife. Regarding his future status, he said nothing. The actor and Tifany Chen, with whom he co-wrote the 2015 movie The Intern, have been seen strolling on several occasions.

They didn’t exhibit any alarming symptoms, though. Naturally, a child’s birth is a fantastic reason to declassify the occurrence after all these years. He had been a parent before, but he was excitedly awaiting the arrival of his daughter.

A daughter weighing 3.7 kilos was born on April 6. The age difference between the entertainer’s more seasoned and younger children is, incidentally, 51 years. This seems like a fantastic reality television screenplay.

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