Rare photos: While out on a stroll, photographers managed to capture Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi with his girlfriend.

In case you missed it, we regret to inform you that one of the most prominent young, gorgeous men’s hearts are at stake. The actress, who is 25 years old, has been dating 23-year-old blogger Olivia Jade.

Everyone was prepared to bid farewell to the cute pair last summer after reports of separation, but the duo was able to stay together. On the other hand, the couple did not openly express their love until much later.

Recently, the ‘Rapture’ star and his beloved were discovered in this manner while out on a stroll. They were able to capture the pair in the parking lot because they were watching something while avoiding other eyes and cameras and staying away from it. The only thing he did was place a modest hand on the girl’s shoulder; there were no passionate kisses or seductive gestures.

In addition to being followed by paparazzi, it has lately come to light that he, who rose to fame for his role as Nate in the HBO blockbuster, is also being stalked. The performer acknowledged that a more experienced individual was following him, but that man ultimately caught him off guard with an unexpected revelation.

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