Gerard Piqué and his new partner were led out of the restaurant by the proprietor, who turned out to be a fan of Shakira.

Internet fans continue to keep a careful eye on his private life as well as the life of his new partner, for whom he left Shakira. Remember that before the couple’s formal separation, the football player had been having extramarital affairs with the mother of two of his kids for close to a year.

The singer also found out about this when she returned from a long trip and noticed that her favorite strawberry jam, which he doesn’t particularly like, wasn’t there. After learning the entire story, many fans naturally took up arms against the athlete.

At one of his news appearances, he highlighted that he had selected a young partner because he was confident of his affections for her. He also posted a picture of himself and his new partner on his blog, which only helped to increase the number of people who liked the old partner.

He probably had no clue that this would lead to more serious repercussions than just a bunch of online comments. He and Ciara were hauled out of a prominent restaurant together, according to current information made available to journalists. It seems that the proprietor enjoys the performer.

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