Due to major health issues, Enrique Iglesias canceled his gigs. “My physicians told me not to fly,” he said.

The performer is open and honest about a major medical condition. Due to health difficulties, the musician had to cancel the scheduled gigs. The singer said that the next performance would not go ahead. This was justified by the 48-year-old vocalist’s physical condition, pneumonia.

According to the physicians, the artist has to have a thorough rest, and he should remain at home with his family. He talked about the incident that happened to him just a few hours before the commencement of the show in Mexico. The artist expressed dissatisfaction to the fans when she interacted with them.

I was informed that I had pneumonia, that I couldn’t fly, and that I needed to entirely rest. The musician groused, “I’m very sorry to cancel my gigs in a nation that means so much to me. He remarked that he hopes to recuperate quickly so that he may continue travelling soon.

“I offer my sincere apologies and a big hug to each of you, my dear fans,” the singer said in his closing statement. Three children are being raised by the childhood sweethearts, and many admirers are still unsure of their relationship’s status.

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