The court rendered its verdict in Gwyneth Paltrow v. 76-year-old Skier case.

An ophthalmologist said that after colliding with him on a ski slope at a high rate of speed, the actress “left him all alone in the snow.” He first asked her for a staggering $3.1 million payment. The actress pleaded innocent before making a counterclaim.

He returned to court and demonstrated that he expected the sum to be a lot more palatable $300,000. The study had daily sessions starting on March 21. She also showed up in person to each one. The jury decided to dismiss all charges against her on Thursday after two hours of testimony and twenty minutes of deliberation.

After the judge had handed out the decision, she went up to him and wished him luck. He replied by thanking the actress. She also gave an explanation of why, despite having the means to pay the cost, she chose to appear in court on her own.

I believed that if I agreed to this, I would support the false accusations made against me. I’m satisfied with the result and grateful for the judge’s and jury’s efforts. I appreciate them for their sensitive attitude toward this subject, she emphasized.

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