Robert Downey Jr.’s old gum is up for auction on eBay: The expense will shock you.

If you have extra cash and have long been an Iron Man fan, you should immediately sign up for the auction for a priceless trinket. Putting aside the jokes, the chewing gum vendor is confident that a number of collectors will vie for a piece of memorabilia from the Hollywood celebrity.

It was placed up for sale for (take notice!) the actor’s used chewing gum. 40.000 dollars. The individual who had the good fortune to discover this gem listed it for sale on eBay. According to the vendor, a plastic container containing the chewing gum would be sent to the new owner.

He assures anyone who might be skeptical that everything will be confirmed by a DNA test for the entertainer’s presence. Naturally, in this situation, the products are no longer returnable.

Even the gum, whose price is comparable to a fortune, has its own set of experiences. The present owner, who acknowledged that he was just close at the time, was an undeniable business success and bought it without hesitation.

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