Gerard Piqué freely reprimands his older child while forgetting his youngest at a store: He is criticized.

The player from Spain’s reputation was severely marred by the embarrassing situation with his ex. Some of the footballer’s followers were already miffed with him when the treachery was made public online. Athletes are also increasingly subject to severe criticism for even the tiniest errors.

It seems that not even one success will help him regain his reputation. In a video that surfaced online, he reprimands Milan, his eldest kid, in front of 90 000 people. No matter what happens there, you will never be able to convince the skeptics because it happened a few hours after he left his youngest son Sasha at the store.

While she and her mother were in the hospital, he visited the kids and strolled around the heart of Barcelona. But as he sat in the driver’s seat, he saw that there was just Milan in the car.

Fortunately, the younger one was already nearby because he was looking for his father and brother. What will become of cheating husbands and flippant fathers in the future? He absolutely needs to make some changes to his life as a whole. He is constantly being observed by the paparazzi.

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