The Dodo bird, which went extinct in the 17th century, has been revived: Researchers have found an astonishing technique.

The Reunion indigenous species, which lived only on Earth, became extinct more than 300 years ago. Indeed, it does serve as a reminder of the vulnerability of our world and the need of safeguarding our natural resources.

Last year, the Dodo Bird began to represent the approaching extinction of extremely old species. Hence, scientists looked for a way to return this species to Earth. It is challenging to preserve the species. It is essential to protect these species because they are vital to the ecosystem.

Yet, what specifically led to the dodo’s extinction towards the end of the 17th century? The dodo was possibly the largest continuously existing flightless bird. It was unable of flying due to its atrophied wings and vulture-like beak. A project that poses a big problem has been accepted by an American corporation. that of bringing these creatures back.

Reconstructing the genomes of extinct megafauna and other species that have benefitted our ecosystems is the main objective of their study as a result. What do you think about this one? Comment below and let us know.

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