These twins wanted to discover the perfect match together: They are dating the same man.

It appears that the word “twin” has been around forever. Tales of twins who resemble one another almost exactly. They had both intelligence and beauty. One of the wealthiest men in the nation admired them. He asked them to a meal on the beach.

They are Australian nationals. The twins are quite alike. Due to their shared yearning for males, the two of them were able to fall madly in love with a technician who shared their tastes in men.

Because of this, he was a good and considerate man, and it didn’t appear to concern him that the two sisters had fallen in love with him. He seemed to respect their concern of him, going against the grain. The three of them were living happily together as a tiny family until they discovered they couldn’t divide him equally.

They had a fight about the fact that one of them had to wed him. After much deliberation, they arrived to the decision that he would marry each sister separately.

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