The family of a dog who spent four years on the streets is reunited with her.

This dog was saved and adopted by a woman who made a vow to her that she would never experience suffering ever again. But, when moving from one state to another, the family misplaced the pet. The dog’s distressed owners searched for her for four years before finding her.

When a couple came upon a stray dog that was in poor condition, they decided to take her to a medical institution. The dog developed arthritis, an ear infection, and a skin infection after spending four years on the streets.

The service personnel posted a picture of the dog on their social media page in an effort to contact the owners, and the woman saw it right away. The woman adds, «I couldn’t wait any longer. – The idea of the puppy waiting for her “mother” alone there just wasn’t something I could handle. The encounter ended up being really emotional.

Everyone was overcome with emotion as they watched the woman and the dog reconcile after a protracted separation. She said she never lost faith that the dog would be located. She looked for a dog for four years, contacting rescue groups and posting about the animal on social media.

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