The dog and her male pup get along right away, as though they had known each other for a long time.

Goya is a Siberian Husky. He learns about a surprise from the Goya owner. What is ahead for him is unknown. The new father was taken aback when he saw his boy puppy. Being new to this job, Goya is unclear about how to respond.

He sniffs the male pup to better understand him. He stays with him. Even though it’s unusual to have his dog around, Goya keeps an eye on him. Furthermore, he travels everywhere he goes after him. The two Huskies were no longer strangers to one another. The pup is aware of Goya’s presence and value to him.

Finally, the new dog allows him to approach him. They engaged in games together. Goya found exactly how to stand out unmistakably. The puppy started playing about with his father. The youngster’s new father is kind to him and allows the child to run amok next to him.

Goya gently interacts with the dog. The brand-new dog is overjoyed to have met his family. He knew how much his father and owner loved him. He is self-assured. The little Husky could move around the home with assurance.

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