A dog from a shelter tried to convince his family that he was a good companion before they adopted him.

Every dog wants a loving home and owners, but sadly, many animals do not get what they desire. Ronnie, a charming pit bull, was observed convincing potential owners that he would make a fantastic companion in an animal shelter.

Ronnie holds the blanket in his mouth and gently prepares the bed, as if attempting to impress his friends with his domesticity. The instant the pair viewed this touching video that the shelter shared on social media, they fell in love with the dog.

Ronnie, on the other hand, was eager to see the couples and had his tail wagging. They continued by saying it was challenging for them to pick a new pet after their own went away. They chose to take a chance when they saw this pit bull, though, because they wanted to make him happy.

Ronnie also serves as an example of how pit bulls, contrary to widespread opinion about their characteristics, can be devoted, obedient, polite, and loving. Fortunately, the dog was adopted and is now leading a happy life. We wish there were more folks like this youngster.

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