She can’t understand why the mother dog and her puppies were dumped at a shelter.

A refuge for animals received Mocca. When the second animal was delivered to the shelter, no one was aware of her previous existence with the family. Yet it was obvious from her state that the dog’s owners were no longer worried about her.

Yet it quickly became apparent that Mocca would be unable to escape her predicament. Mocca recently gave birth to 10 gorgeous pups, which were then taken to a shelter along with their mother. Mocca, despite being lighter, made sure her children ate enough.

When animal rights activists learnt about the dog’s predicament, they made every attempt to assist her. They found a foster family after writing about her on Facebook.She underwent physical and spiritual transformation as soon as she joined her new foster home.

She had faith in the safety of her children as well as her own. Dog has put on a lot of weight, but the young animals are beautiful, healthy, and well-fed. Animal rights advocates made it possible to save this puppy, but many other animals in shelters still require assistance.

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