A dog lacking a paw and a guy without a leg become the greatest of friends.

Years ago, a boy’s right leg was amputated owing to an illness. He was able to get a golden retriever without the right front paw with the aid of his parents. A dog without paws was featured in a Facebook post that the boy’s therapist found. They were seeking a devoted residence.

The therapist notified the breeder of a patient with a related speciality and spoke with her. We wanted someone who also has a limb disability to adopt the animal, she said. The boy’s father reflects, “It was love at first sight. Marvel was thrown around on the ground with by the children as they giggled and played with her.

The boy’s mother claimed that the addition of the dog to the household led to an increase in her son’s activity, which had an immediate effect on the growth of his physical talents.

He may say to other children, “Well, she doesn’t have enough paws, she looks like me,” thanks to this. The woman said, “And it gives him a voice to defend himself. There is no question that their special relationship will develop further. Marvel can utilize a wheelchair or prosthetic if necessary, although she presently only has three legs.

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