Britney had previously claimed that Prince William and her were dating, but no one took her word for it.

Before he met Kate, Prince was one of the most sought-after bachelors in the world. Having a bond with their grandchild was a wish shared by both common women and prominent figures. One of them, for instance, was Britney. She once acknowledged communicating with Princess Diana’s eldest son.

She also extended an invitation to supper. At the time, she was at the height of her celebrity. She said that she didn’t understand his decision to reject her. The bulk of Spears’ supporters, however, just rejected this story. According to Buckingham Palace, there was never any interaction between the prince and the artist.

They attempted to unite when they were younger. They spoke on the phone frequently in addition to writing letters to one another. The master answered, “In any case, there is no indication that they found out how to meet within that time period. Remember that he began seeing his present wife in 2003.

It is true that their relationship cannot be characterized as simple. The two even split at one point since the chosen one was growing impatient with waiting for a marriage proposal from the prince.

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