A dog born without feet is buried in the snow shortly after birth because its owners believe him to be “useless.”

A young bulldog was found in the snow on a street in January, while other dogs remained in warm homes with their owners, where they were well-fed and rested. Due to a deformity, the unfortunate puppy was born with just three legs.

Because he was the only puppy in the litter to be born with a disability, his owners didn’t like him. Without thinking twice, they flung it in the snowy street. It was really chilly at night, and it didn’t seem like the snow would stop anytime soon. The dog had been suffering for hours when a kind rescuer found him buried in snow.

He was on the verge of death at the moment. The observer was shocked by the infant’s condition and incredulous that anybody on Earth could have done such things to him. But saving the dogs was more crucial! The dog was swiftly taken to safety by the savior.

Thankfully, the dog lived. He was treated right away. He is now a healthy young man who is available for adoption. Cruelty to animals is something we have always stood firm against. Animals are innocent beings who deserve to be respected and appreciated.

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