As the puppy’s mother comes home from work, the puppy shows her joy.

Any dog owner would agree that one of the finest emotions is returning home from work to see your pet buddy waiting for you. Whether you’ve been gone for two minutes, two hours, or two days, the dog’s degree of enthusiasm is always the same.

They are ecstatic that you are back! It’s lovely to see your dog’s tail wagging and then receive licks after a hard day at work. They are typically happy to see you, even if you merely went to the shop. In a popular video, a new pet owner learns what it’s like to return home to an ecstatic dog.

It makes sense that your dog will be at the front door before you even open it because they are known to have keen hearing. As the door to the home begins to creak and move, his tail begins to wag even more quickly.

When he sees her—obviously it’s mom! Overjoyed and unsure of what to do with himself, the puppy. It dances and jumps while waving its tail rather of running towards its owner. This child is obviously anxious to play after a hard day.

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