The dog comforts his infant sister with his favorite toy while being captured on video.

Early in July, Nick became a dad for the first time. The infant was prepared to go back home a few days later, where her inquisitive “big brother,” a two-year-old dog, was waiting. The couple was worried about how the dog would respond to having a young child in the house. But, their fears were unwarranted.

The owners’ beloved dog, who had long been a close friend, greeted the new family member with open arms. Nicholas claimed that the dog has always treated children nicely. He was always present at family gatherings, exhibiting incredible patience by letting the kids brush him.

He is by nature a kind and caring guy. The best babysitter, according to Nick, is the dog. The pup captured the dog’s attention from the very beginning. He smelled her clothes and sat next to her for a while, watching the girl closely.

Following that, he remained nearby at all times, showing that he was ready to protect the new family member from anybody or anything. He groaned as she cried, feeling sorry for her. They are thrilled that the dog is showing the baby such attention. They also hope that once their child gets older, the dog and they would wind up being best friends.

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