The dog, who once roamed the streets, now has around 500,000 admirers: a dog’s experience blogging about food.

This dog is a great gourmet who understands how to pose with food. Just see his endearingly elevated ear over his skull. A little puppy named Polo helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. His blog has a sizable following, he constantly receives requests to appear on television, and the mouthwatering meal in the picture with Polo makes people happy.

But it wasn’t always this way for dogs. The dog was adopted by his owners from the street six years ago. They decided to retain the find for themselves after that. Polo was the fourth dog in the household. The intriguing trait of the new dog was remarkable.

He is quite courteous with the food and doesn’t try to grab it or climb on the table. This caught the new owners by surprise. In 2015, the dog then launched a blog of its own. Polo’s favorite meal, cheese, is used by the owners to bribe him into smiling for the camera.

Polo, on the other hand, refuses to eat from the dishes until he is specifically requested to. His least favorite foods are pizza and pastries. On Instagram, more than 400 thousand individuals follow the blog.

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