Incredible recovery of a dog covered in 36 pounds of wool and abandoned for years

In this story, the main character was a kind man who worried about his housebound neighbor and his dog, which, as far as he knew, was confined in a barn. After inviting a couple of reliable groomers, the Good Samaritan went to see how the animal was doing.

The vision that suddenly appeared in front of their eyes caught them off guard! The decision was taken to immediately clean the animal. Before being sent to a shelter, the dog received a bath, and his new name is Kolio.

The animal had a number of health problems, but with the correct treatment from the veterinarian, he quickly healed. Kolio began the process of reintegrating into daily life. The dog seems happier now.

He understood that individuals may be honest and kind. The volunteers began looking for Kolio’s new home as soon as he began to feel psychologically and physically healthier. It was decided to choose a married pair that fell in love with Kolio right away.

The dog, at the age of eight, had grown a beautiful coat of fur, had made friends in a new house, and had been given dog ice cream and other delicacies by the residents.

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