The Pit Bull’s sole desire is to raise kittens, which is what he is assigned to accomplish.

Three years ago, Mollie the pit bull was adopted by this California family. With the exception of Noma the cat, the dog rapidly became friends with every member of the family. The pit bull, on the other hand, is still trying to convince an independent pet to be his.

It turned out that someone needed to take care of Mollie! Jia’s choice to take in a stray cat named Binny gave the pit bull’s chores purpose as a result! Binny gave birth to five lovely kittens a short while later. Unlike Noma, the mother cat showed more affection for the big dog and let him take care of her kittens. Mollie had expected this as well. The pit bull looked after five foster cats. Jia intends to adopt four kittens and present one as a gift to a cat mother.

As soon as the tiny kittens learnt to walk, they started gazing about. Undoubtedly, Mollie will be sad to see the kittens leave, but he does have a cat in his care that is loyal to his big pal! Nice, huh?

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