When a woman takes her dog out to play, the dog comes back not alone but with a new brother.

Before, Siena tried to limit the number of dogs she kept indoors. She soon had to reconsider her beliefs, though, and saw that she might find another pet tenant. Once after letting her dog out for a stroll, Siena thought to see how he was doing.

The little, brown-furred dog she had never seen before was with her pet at the time. When the child approached, an unnamed dog rushed over, wagging its tail and seeking for a pet. Immediately, Siena realized that this encounter was not a coincidence and that the youngster should be taken home.

The instant they met, Siena could tell the dog was smart and well-behaved. He was shocked even when he was permitted to go into a strange residence. Yet, the new mother’s tenderness and attention soon caused him to beam with joy.

A fresh love interest and solace for his loyal heart were at last found. To accommodate her two dogs, Siena created a new bed. From that moment forward, the dog sleeps close to his new “sister” every night.

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