The cat loves Christmas so much that his owners give him a tree to play with all year long.

Lula, a 17-year-old girl, likes the holiday. She likes strolling there and has been drawn to the sets for a very long time. When the sets are taken out of the box, though, Lula is agitated. Nobody knows for sure how long Lula will be around for Christmas because of how old she is.

In order to maintain the holiday atmosphere all year long, her parents built a cat tree out of twigs and leaves and decorated it with permanent Christmas lights.

Her cat’s face was smiling with happiness, but she really liked the surprise.

Even though Christmas has passed, Lula continues to enjoy her own Christmas kitty tree all year long. Since that day, Lula has resided in an enchanted tree. There, she eats, plays, and sleeps.

Meyer has a fantastical story in her head about an old cat that loves Christmas and wonderful elves when she sees Lula’s tree. Lula is excited to be able to find her favorite things in the world now that she is old enough to be certain of her preferences.

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