A young rhinoceros who had lost his mother sought solace from the kind vet nurse.

Animals, in addition to humans, have the capacity to love. They are able to show their love for people who take care of them, save them, and don’t neglect them. And this little rhino is the one that has special feelings for a pretty woman.

When he was around five or six months old, Kabelo, an orphaned rhino, lost his mother. He still cherished being among people in spite of everything. He loved the kind veterinarian who saved his life, took care of him, and finally adopted him as her own child.

After that terrible catastrophe, Kabelo was sent to a refuge. He had the good fortune to encounter someone who comforted the helpless and scared animal there.

The magnificent rhino and Laura both worked at the same sanctuary, and she immediately fell in love with him. They shared intense, ardent feelings for one another. After the infant suffered a terrible loss, Laura knew what he needed, so she soothed him and showed him her love.

Kabelo always hugs his kind mother as a way of saying “thank you.” With this untamed tiny creature who has the capacity to love entirely and unreservedly, Laura feels at rest.

When he is older, Kabelo will go back into the wild, but in the meanwhile, he needs all the care, warmth, and love that she can offer him.

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