What their daughters look like: The wife is not very attractive, whereas the girl is regarded as being lovely.

Contrary to various reports, the young Korean couple has been happily married for four years. Even though they already have two adorable children, they want to have more. The general public, however, is outraged and believes that a husband who is so banal is not a match for a lady who is so gorgeous. Lucile has a doll-like appearance.

However, Dio is not endowed with such great knowledge. However, despite this, the young people kept getting married. The couple is happy together while raising their two daughters. The startled people looked at the newlyweds and guessed that Lucile had married for her husband’s wealth.

The girl was then revealed to be considerably richer than Dio. The only distinction is that their love transcends social norms. 2016 saw the birth of Lucile and Dio’s first child, a girl. She has a gorgeous face, enormous eyes, and wavy hair.

The second girl was born in 2018. She also has beautiful face features and expressive eyes. Dio founded a business and is now significantly richer than before. They proved to the entire world that real love is blind to appearances in this way.

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