The once-criticized overweight girl now looks like a supermodel.

At the age of 16, the woman decided to begin dieting. Breakfast used to consist of a bagel and chocolate, but now she likes fruit and coffee. Instead of a tuna sandwich and noodles, Nilan opts for a tuna salad or pizza on toast for lunch.

Dinner used to consist of pizza and spaghetti with mayonnaise-based sauces, but today the child chooses low-calorie meals like pasta with sauce, salmon with rice and vegetables, or beans with cheese. She was successful in losing 16 kg in 8 months.

This gave Nilan so much motivation that she continued to lose weight and gradually began engaging in sports. The woman claims to feel “completely different” now that she is 57 kg heavier. When she used to be self-conscious, she now appreciates the beauty in her own reflection.

The girl is ecstatic that she can now wear whatever she wants to wear and yet feel beautiful and comfortable. You must understand that it will take time and that you must change your way of life. The primary objective should be to make the process pleasurable at all times.

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