Discover how the love of a couple helped them lose 200 pounds together.

Finding the motivation to focus on enhancing your look is difficult. Simply said, having the support of friends and family is essential during such circumstances. And if they are prepared to help both vocally and practically, then this help is usually invaluable.

Two years ago, Sara, 26, was 220 kg, and Daniel was 127 kg. Daniel tried his best to take the girl in his arms, but he couldn’t. Sara, however, shed 135 kg in a very short period of time as the years went by.

What was she hiding? In a 2016 Internet clip, Sara made a vow to herself that she and her husband would certainly lose weight. Sara didn’t anticipate the result would become clear so fast! ‘ My husband and I became quite close over the weight loss process.

To become what we sought, we made modifications to our lives and bodies. Additionally, Sara claims that her husband never pushed her to lose weight and that he still loved her in spite of her obesity. Sara shares her everyday successes on Instagram. Daniel weighs 87 kg right now. Sara also wants to reduce 3 more kg. Her treasured goal is 80!

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