For some time, the dog in the shelter had been searching for a new home, and throughout that time, his owner had lived nearby.

Lina, a sweet dog, lived behind the confines of the shelter for almost a year. Many of her buddies had already been taken by this point, and this little puppy had been unlucky for whatever reason. She was described as being not just gorgeous but also friendly, smart, and well-behaved by the staff at the shelter.

She was also in excellent health.

One lady routinely volunteered at the shelter, taking care of the small Lina, whose owners had donated her to the shelter because they were relocating, and walking the dogs, bringing food or contributions.

A regular event was also hosted at this shelter where prospective owners could see the animals and speak with them. Although several people were amused by Lina’s nice disposition that day, they declined to take her. During her stay at the shelter, the volunteer who was watching after for Lina became a close friend.


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