The hostess had no clue why the dachshund had unintentionally started to swell in size.

Tevor, Fran’s dog, was gaining weight, and she was worried about it. A little while later, it started to literally grow, and the tiny dachshund looked like a barrel on short legs.

The pet’s owner brought it to the vet, but even the doctors there were baffled because this was the first time they had seen a situation like this.

The doctors decided to keep Tevor in the clinic so they could do a more thorough and accurate exam because the dog was already experiencing problems due to bloating.

It was necessary to identify the reason for the bloating and how the air got into his body.

The fact that veterinarians were able to handle everything and do such difficult task filled them with satisfaction. Tevor received treatment, and the abdominal air was expelled.

The dog’s size returned to normal after all of this, and he started to feel much better and smile with a perfectly content expression on his face. However, we must admit that the sweet puppy appears cuter in both poses, and it did not make him any less endearing.

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