The sweetest response this couple gave to the stray puppy who interrupted their wedding has gone viral.

Typically, uninvited distant relatives or an unethical individual asking for free alcohol spoil weddings. This couple’s wedding, however, was derailed by a stray dog. Marlia and Matheus exchanged vows outside in So Paulo, Brazil. Due to the weather, they had no choice but to take cover under an awning with the guests. Everything went as planned until the bride was replaced at the altar by a stray dog that had apparently sought shelter from the storm.

The young couple was preparing to exchange vows when the dog resurfaced and boldly plopped down on Marlia’s veil after being pulled away. Any girl’s mood may have been wrecked by what happened, but not Marlia’s. The dog is now an official wedding guest, the girl claims. I love animals, so it was exciting for me, Marlia said.

After the reception, the newlyweds intended to buy a puppy and bring him to them, but he just disappeared. They set out to find him, looking for a dog all around the city. And it was found thanks to their efforts! The dog was accepted into the new household and given the name Snoop by Marlia and Matheus.

I thoroughly cleaned him. He had a good night’s rest the first time. He seems to be in a good mood, says Marlia. We’re all ecstatic.

Snoop deserves praise for locating a family and a suitable location to wait out the rain.

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