Higgy becomes bored while flying and begins to make the other passengers and the owner laugh.

Higgy the dog took his owner Alice on their very first flight. Higgy is a naturally busy and curious person. After only sitting in the cabin for a short while, he suddenly became bored and started being foolish, which made the other passengers chuckle.

Higgy started behaving like he wanted Alice to pay him more attention as soon as he got on the plane. The dog enjoyed socializing with the owner, but soon got bored. in particular with so many peculiar stuff nearby.

The curious entity took the decision to turn away from Alice and head toward the man sitting in the seat in front of her. The passenger was not at all bothered by this behavior. As an alternative, he was overjoyed to meet his fluffy new neighbor.

The polite dog immediately won the man’s sympathy and soon began to see him as his best friend. Likewise, Higgy ignored the owner’s requests for him to return home. Alice captured her puppy on camera. In response to the passengers’ comments, the dog’s owner uploaded the images on Facebook.

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