She can’t decide which dog to save from the worst shelter she has ever seen, so she decides to buy the entire facility.

Having always had a special heart for stray animals, Daniela Hopper. Daniela has visited shelters like this one all across the world on several occasions. She was accustomed to seeing creatures that required saving.

But she had no clue how shocked she would be when she arrived to one of the next shelters. She was in Israel at the time. Each and every dog at this shelter needed help and rescue.

After seeing all of this, Hopper was speechless. She was unable to choose one dog to save from this circumstance because every single one of these dogs needed help.

Hopper made the decision to buy all 250 dogs from the shelter at that point.

More animals have since been transferred to Ontario shelters, and she has been successful in finding them homes in Israel. By the way, half of the original 25 dogs, who were kept in various shelters, have been adopted by new families and relocated.

These animals are now given more than just bread and water, and they have once again learned to trust people.

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