On New Year’s Eve, the owner discovered his dog after a year of internet searching.

John’s dog, Alisa, left. Nothing was found after a full year of searching. The family was instructed to agree and continue. John also thought about getting a new animal. The man was browsing shelter websites before the New Year when he suddenly recognized a face.

There was no doubt that his Alisa was the dog in the other image missing its rear leg. John instantly contacted the shelter and left a message while an hour away from his home.

They were able to distinguish Alisa from other canines right away.

After talking with John, the puzzle’s parts came together. And they immediately arranged a meeting between the guy and the lost animal. On New Year’s Eve, Alisa was reunited with her owner.

The dog didn’t forget about John and was relieved to be back at home where, after all the difficulties, plenty of goodies and warm embraces awaited her.

John believes that he is still unable to comprehend what happened and considers Alisa’s unexpected return to be a true New Year’s miracle. The dog fortunately located her owner, and they are now content.

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