This cat looks like a real-life version of a well-known cartoon character.

A cat’s looks has made him a social media sensation. Like in the well-known animated movie, the cat looks like two peas. The cat was a timid kitten when he was removed from the shelter, and he was wary of approaching people, according to the pet’s owner.

After becoming used to them, the pet got more aggressive and readily made eye contact with anybody who wanted to pat him. The man replies, “We proved to him that everything was well.” The cat’s owners quickly created his own Instagram account and started posting pictures of him there.

The animal gained true notoriety when a picture showed him mimicking the visage of a well-known figure. More than 100,000 people have already liked the cat’s Facebook profile. They congratulate him profusely whenever they notice a new post.

The look of the cat is distinctive. According to the cat’s owners, he is quite sociable and likes being around humans. What do you believe? Do you believe the cat resembles the cartoon character, or not? Please tell us in the comments.

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