A moving picture shows a homeless guy on the street celebrating the birthday of his puppy.

Chelase is the name of the young man. A passerby noticed him sitting on the steps of a municipal park with two adorable dogs. Shiki the puppy’s birthday was being honored.

He took the cake and the candles off and started singing a birthday song. The dogs appeared to be seriously pondering their master’s request as they intently observed him while two candles were placed on a little cake.

Then, maybe giving in to his emotions, Chelase took one for himself and one for each of his buddies.

After finishing shooting the incident on his phone, the man approached them to ask some questions.

They were discovered to be homeless. Chelase just obtained a new smartphone, which he utilized to sign up for Instagram and grow his following to more than 200 000 users.

He declared that his long-term goals were to build his own animal refuge and pursue a career as a musician. This societal issue has a tremendous impact on the lives of those who are unlucky enough to be homeless. How do you feel?

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