Off the shore, a big blue whale confronts a freediver.

For lovers of marine life, swimming with the amazing sea creatures is a dream come true. However, some people are lucky than others, and sometimes it takes more than one life to accomplish this.

The goal of this group of freedivers at sea has always been to interact closely with a whale. Recently, their desire came true, and they even captured the once-in-a-lifetime experience on camera, with amazing results! Each diver is an expert diver with extensive experience who has scoured the globe in pursuit of the elusive blue whales.

However, the big sharks off the shore soon confronted them. One diver remarked that “swimming with whales was one of our strangest and most implausible fantasies.”

And we had the good fortune to stumble into a sizable pod of whales here.

During our stay at sea, we were finally able to see the blue whale in the eyes twice. One of the divers remarked, “For a few seconds of interaction, it was worth forty hours.” She unexpectedly accosted me as I was planning my return to the boat. I shifted in my seat in an attempt to find his eyes, which were elusive in such a magnificent creature.

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