The family had intended to shoot some sweet Christmas card photos, but the dog had other plans.

A lot of folks have a friend that always either does it on purpose or by accident. Dog of this family This friend is Pilot. Pilot was adopted by the family in 2020 after being taken in.

If Pilot was a member of the family, she should have been included in the picture that was used for the Christmas cards.

She did, but in a peculiar way. Dina, the mother of the family, set up the children and dog next to the log so that they could be in the holiday photos.

Everything was OK up until Pilot decided that the pictures required action. They tried to calm the agitated dog repeatedly without success before choosing to stop recording her. Evidently, the pilot didn’t like it.

She was therefore visible in almost all of the pictures. They got the funniest images printed after choosing them.

With the aid of their joyful and energetic dog, the family was able to make some pretty strange and amusing postcards that they can now use to entertain themselves and their loved ones.

Our pets are always our dearest pals and our greatest joys, no matter what. Nice, huh?

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