The three cats were scavenging the streets before this angel of a lady stepped in.

A woman eventually saw a dog in need of assistance. However, as she was helping the puppy, a cat came up and asked for food. Another cat joined them as she left to get some cat chow that she typically keeps on hand. ‘I started talking to neighbors and found out that these creatures had been brought here five months ago,’ the woman continued.

The woman had intended to have the cats healed and checked before releasing them, but the more she looked at them, the more she felt they didn’t belong. not in the open air.

Instead, she gave her husband a call to inform him that they were going to foster three kittens that evening.

Even though she only had one cat carrier to put them in, the three of them were content to snuggle up together on the trip to the woman’s house.

She said, “I was 100% certain that these were indoor cats who had been handled and then released outside.

When I realized this, I felt it was unjust to abandon these adorable kittens on the streets. Who would take such a step? They deserved so much more, so I was determined to provide it to them.

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