To see the person who saved and reared the wild rabbit when she was a young, the rabbit leaves its nest.

Jessie saw a small rabbit hopping about in her backyard and gave it the name Honey. After looking around, the girl discovered a nest of rabbits with two additional cubs. As she gave the rabbit she had been holding back to the nest, she vowed that this would be the last time.

But now it was gone. The next morning, the cubs were still in the nest and looked worse than they had the night before. Jessie figured their mother hadn’t ever returned to feed the kids. The young lady then took the bunnies home and began to take care of them.

She then began taking the rabbit outside sometimes to expose her to the outdoors. Honey immediately warmed up to her savior and began to trust him. Jessie knew that eventually the bunny would have to be returned to the wild.

She then started giving Honey additional opportunities to go outside. On March 31, 2021, Honey made her first long distance trip and returned home in the evening.

Although she has just recently turned two, the rabbit still periodically leaves her nest to see the young woman who saved her.

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