A family took in a raccoon, who now lives with two adorable dogs and thinks she’s a dog.

The animal kingdom is so fascinating and admirable. I find it amazing how much love and compassion people have for one another. It is especially heartwarming to see a relationship develop between two distinct animals. How delicate, perceptive, and caring they are. Another lovely example of a chance friendship can be found here.

This time, a raccoon and two cute canines are the main characters of the story. Many people on social media have fallen in love with their special link. The Bahamas’ Puma shelter received Puma. Thankfully, a kind couple agreed to take care of the baby raccoon. After she was adopted, they welcomed her into their cozy home and showed her how much they cared for and loved her.

Puma’s adoptive owners, Will and Mia, cared for her so well that she soon made a full recovery. The wonderful pair took loving parental care of her. They did, however, also accept two rescued dogs into their warm home.

The dogs immediately bonded with Puma when they came upon her. Puma said that the dogs seemed to be her mothers. Her new parents, as well as her two gorgeous dogs, adore her.

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