The woman who can’t find her ring learns that her dog has eaten it.

The wedding band of a woman who believed she had lost it forever was later found by her dog to have been eaten! Leana was shocked to find her priceless stone ring missing from the bedside table where she had set it the previous night.

When she saw a package on the floor, she immediately knew who had received the ring. Her favorite pet dog, Fugu, who had just entered the room, devoured it. Leana, on the other hand, visited a veterinarian with her dog.

Fugu had swallowed her mother’s expensive ring, the x-ray showed. The lady was assured that the ring had not been lost, but she now needed to figure out how to get it back.

In any event, Leana and her husband had underestimated how hard it would be to locate Fugu’s stomach ring. After the dog went away, they even utilized a metal finder to find him; it took them four days, but they ultimately did.

The woman said, “My better half even purchased a metal detector to try to see it, and happily on the fourth day it gradually surfaced.”

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