When they come back, clever dolphins still give people gifts.

Dolphins are drawn to people. Even one of the dolphins started presenting gifts to people to draw them out of the water. In Brisbane, there is a restaurant where seven dolphins swim.

Lagoon, a dolphin, was said to routinely bring gifts to the restaurant, according to volunteers. In addition, assuming he never done it before, he usually always carries anything with him these days. The dolphin swims up from the bottom of the ocean, carrying a variety of objects in his mouth.

These things are now available in large quantities from the bistro’s owner. The volunteers claimed that no one has ever shown Lagoon this behavior.

They would like to think that the dolphin tries to interact with people in this way.

According to the locals, Lagoon is simply attempting to clean the water.

Dolphin behavior should not be understood in a one-sided way, according to scientists who study dolphin behavior, since these highly developed creatures have a very baffling communication culture.

Although it’s possible that the dolphin genuinely does yearn for humans, it’s more probable that he’s just attempting to amuse himself or that he needs to get back to his usual care schedule.

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