Meet Nuka, the adorable kitten who has captured the hearts of people everywhere.

This short-tailed cat doesn’t appear to have a single bad Instagram photo, making him appear to be made for the platform. Any picture showing him sitting, turning his head, or moving around appears to have undergone some sort of “editing.”

Even so, it’s not. Nuka has only been acting like a model on the catwalk since he was a kitten. The owner of Nuka enjoys traveling across his nation over staying at home. He often follows his cat about while photographing him against nearby locations in the meanwhile.

Here, Nuka is set against the backdrop of a volcano. Observe him perched on a tree, admiring the springtime. He appears to be the main draw of this location as he approaches the real coast’s edge.

There are no words to describe the legendary Nuka photographs with snow-capped mountains or blooming fields. Even a photo of Nuka swimming in the ocean seems to hold a lot of promise.

Nuka’s amazing images drew in over 67 thousand Instagram followers and over 126 thousand followers. In the comments section below, share your thoughts about Nuka.

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