A timid dog that has spent ten years in a shelter finds a loving family and a home.

Sheepdog stayed at a refuge for ten years because no one would take him. Long ago, he had learned to live with his affliction. He gets along well with various dogs, according to a shelter employee.

Fiji saw other dogs going back and forth to their new homes, but he was unfortunate. Because his former owners decided not to take care of him, they gave him up.

He instantly became sociable and amazingly vibrant again and made friends with every staff member in the shelter. However, developing confidence in a stranger required time. Long-term dog walker considered returning home with Fiji, but Fiji was fortunate.

Additionally, Fiji is now present at his house. ‘ He quickly sat down on the couch and began to pleasantly meet my wife as soon as she arrived home from work, as if he had been lying there the entire time.

Leaving Fiji at the shelter was a mistake. He adored us and wanted to play with many other canines, the shelter worker explains. Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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