Students choose to miss class to assist an ocelot cub.

On an island close to Metro Manila, many Brazilian pupils were on a day trip there. They saw a movement while they were moving. A young ocelot, a type of wild cat, was visible when they got closer.

The kids begged their instructor to send a team to rescue the cat after concluding that school could wait. The man turned the boat around and swam for the ocelot. The cat spotted the ship and slowly swam toward it in the hopes that someone would save him.

Using an oar, the supervisor pulled the ocelot from the water and placed it on the deck to dry. The students and the teacher then drove the saved animal to the shore, where his mother would have been waiting for him.

Children alerted the environmental police about the ocelot so they could find him and, if necessary, help him find a place to live. They discovered the family.

The youngsters arrived at the school following the rescue operation, despite their delight. These youngsters are the epitome of what a good child should be.

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