A unique connection between two animal species: a small guinea pig and a dog.

Numerous tales regarding human-animal relationships exist. It is particularly intriguing when this bond develops between two distinct species. The stronger their differences, the more unique their connection is.

A special relationship exists between a Golden Retriever and a charming guinea pig. Kind Polly and courageous Flute are the protagonists of our story. Flute is very happy and gets along with people well, whilst Retrievers are nice and serene despite how different they are from one another.

The little Flute follows his hairy companion everywhere he goes. He resembles her shadow in many ways. If Polly is there, Flute will be too. On the carriage are Flute and Polly. The friendly dog, though, seems unconcerned by this.

Polly serves as a sort of guardian for Flute. But resting is the cute guinea pig’s favorite pastime. He likes to curl up beneath her long, soft fur, using her as a cushion.

With more than 70,000 Instagram followers, this unique pairing has captured the attention of their followers. This is a perfect illustration of how various animals can get along.

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