He is surprised by a man who appears as his pet’s preferred toy.

Meet Carol, a canine with a keen sense of what he wants. He plays with his plush duck for a long time. He may play anytime he wants with Carol’s other toys. But he always wants to be with the toy duck.

“I observed he took it wherever he went and even bedded down with it in the evening,” Carol’s owner said. I had never seen him treat a stuffed animal in such a way before. They essentially go together.

Given how much the dog loves the duck, the owner and her spouse decided to surprise the dog with a visit from a bigger, fully animated version of the item.

The owner’s spouse assumed the position after getting a gorgeous toy suit from the shop.

Carol was ecstatic to see his beloved toy come to life. The owner said, “I couldn’t have gone any better.” As soon as Carol spotted the life-size toy, his entire body began to move, including his tail. I will always remember that. When his owners saw how delighted he was to meet the toy, it made everything worthwhile.

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