This rapper decided to give up making music in order to devote more time to saving abandoned kittens.

J Rey, a resident of Georgia, decided to apply for a position collecting cat litter at the county shelter while taking a break from a rap tour. J Rey only wanted to work and be active for money.

Furthermore, he has always had a soft spot in his heart for animals. J Rey was motivated to make a difference by his interactions with stray cat rescues and shelters. He called a meeting of his group and gave a justification for his departure.

The rapper has spent all of his time to teaching the public and aiding groups that save stray cats. He knew right away that he was the only black man handling cats at the shelter, but he didn’t give a damn.

The rapper has more than five years of expertise and is knowledgeable on every facet of cat rescue and care. 2017 saw his decision to construct a shelter.

The group was founded with the intention of changing how black men active in cat rescue interacted with white-dominated animal care groups. Since animals are our true companions, we should all take care of them.

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