By putting her dogs first, a woman makes the right choice and cancels the wedding right away.

Vicky Martin had faith that everything in her life was going according to plan. She had two gorgeous dogs that she loved more than everything, and she also had a groom that she loved a lot. A sudden revelation quickly altered everything as the wedding approached.

Vicky began to observe strange occurrences on the body of her pets, that much is evident. Veterinary professionals were unable to pinpoint their origin.

When the girl noticed that the dogs were beginning to flee from her prospective husband, she began to harbor suspicions.

To finally alleviate her fears, the girl set up a camera in the living room. Vicky was shocked by what she witnessed while she was watching the video. The dog was mistreated by her future husband in the video. “My love for this man vanished after watching the first few seconds of the video,” the woman said.

Naturally, the bride canceled the nuptials. The video was initially uploaded online by the girl. Second, she gave a written statement to the police. Authorities investigated the application, but they didn’t reveal their findings.

Such behavior is inexplicable. In addition, it’s unclear from whence this “person” was from when he abused animals in that manner.

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